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CTMTC-HTHI Cross Lapper Spun Lace Machine

Production Cross Lapper Web Forming
Configurations 2 carding+1 Cross Lapper

2 Carding+2 Cross Lapper

2 Carding+4 Cross Lapper

Raw materials Polyester, Viscose, Cotton
Application Beauty masks, High- Quality Wipes, Coating Substrates, Technical Nonwovens
Web Weights 30-400GSM
Lines Widths Up to 3500
Production Speed Up to 110m/min
Capacity per Day Up to 25 Ton
Uptime Efficiency 90%
Line Dimensions (Max) (L*W*H) 14000mm* 2000mm *2500mm
Extra Features Low Maintenance, Low Downtimes



Production History

24 YEARS + 

Market Share



300 LINES+



  • The flat carding machine has many combing points, space between combing elements is small, fiber web is even. the carding area forms a confined space, with less flying on the spot, a clean working environment. It is suitable for combing such as raw cotton, bleached cotton, bamboo diber, modal and tencel fiber.
  • Type: 1-licker-in, 3-licker-in
  • Width: 1500, 1800
  • Revolving flat type: aluminum alloy, cogged belt drive Web
  • g/m2:15-30
  • Speed:100m/min



  • Four lapping style of four-carriage structure and double belts clamping are used;
  • an intermediate apron is arranged to solve the problem of excessive drafting of fiber web when lapping carriage is  reversing;
  • multi-axis servo motor drive , high-speed fiberoptical data communication to realize the speed control of lappring carriages and closed loop control way.



  • Modular design meet varieties of requirement applicable to various process such as tabby, perforation, jacquard, composite etc
  • Direct-axis suction roller with higher through hole ration whole slit-way water flow channel
  • Injection pressure up to 50 MPa
  • Width: 3.5m, 2.5m, 1.8m
  • Max GSM: 200g/㎡
  • Speed: 300m/min
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 400bar Function modular



  • Hot air through drum drying, diameter of drum is 1400mm,1900mm
  • many types of heating methods, oil heating saturated steam, natural gas
  • Whole machine has good sealing performance, high-efficiency circulating fan, strong suction force, large air volume and high hot air utilization;
  • Inside wall of the chamber and all the parts in contact with the hot air are made of 304 stainless steel;
  • Modular design to realize fast combination of drum quantity, heating mode and working width.



  • Web is hold and transited by multi-pairs taker-in upper and lower arrangement, draft fiber web by depending on the speed difference of adjacent two pairs taker-in.
  • Draft ratio at each zone can be adjusted;
  • Draft ration and total draft can be controlled by frenquency technology, ensure uniformity of fiber web.



  • Combining surface drive with pressure to achieve optimum hardness of finished roll, tension is adjust precisely on different materials.
  • Integrated cross-cutting and roll exchange system ensure roll exchange automatically without speed reduction. efficiency of the whole line is improved;
  • Equipped with the shaft-back automatically system to reduce labor intensity of workers;
  • Meet sample proofing of small rolls, reduce consumption of raw material for proofing and cost saving.

Clever Features

Highlights of CTMTC-HTH Spunlace Line

  • High production speed
  • Enhanced production capacity
  • Non-stop production
  • Robust construction of the entire equipment
  • High end continuous production due to splicing systems
  • Reduced maintenance downtime for higher efficiency
  • Energy efficiency for a better carbon footprint
  • Easy to operate in all functions of the line
  • Quality control system included
  • Quick delivery and assembly of the line

Your Benefit

High Level Nonwoven Production Solution

With years of experience and comprehensive textile competence, CTMTC built up a reliable process solution on both machinery and process. You will get innovative and reliable products on all your demands, no matter machinery, spare parts or, process.

Well-known Brand of Key Parts Escort Your Nonwoven Production Line

As the leading manufacturer in Spun Lace Machine, CTMTC cooperate with world famous brand on key parts to make sure top-level nonwoven fabric quality and energy saving.

Individualized Design & Technician Support

Including: Feasibility study report/Professional design/High quality machinery /Installation and commission /Stuff training and process support

Out Standing Nonwoven Fabric Appearance For Your Winning In The Market

With adoption of CTMTC Spun lace production line, you can receive Good cost performance/Optimized production processes/Running constantly and smoothly /Minimum maintenance cost/One-on-one technician and service /Longtime spare parts service

Service and Support

  • Full CTMTC service and support, optionally for entire product life cycle
  • We help you achieve long-term production success and support you in expanding your business with existing equipment, we are at your side support, advice, know-how and service-in person.
  • Professional design and reliable feasibility report for your decision
  • The solutions are designed for customer-made, maximum efficiency, have numerous optional possibilities with professional design knowledge and excellent manufacturing quality.


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